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Welcome to the Void Tyrants guild portal!

This site is dedicated to serving you with the best information as we find it and learn the game.

Void Tyrants was formed to find mutually beneficial support for strong game play to both the casual player and the hardcore gamer. We are a network of real life friends that have drawn on each other’s strengths to build an organization of loyalty and respect for our members.

This site will try to share the ‘tricks of the trade’ and also explain how we plan to operate for long-term strength and for the stability of Void Tyrants!
Guild News

Another trial Server!

Girth_VoidT, Aug 20, 11 4:35 PM.
Neddra is marked to become yet another trial serer.
Moving to Seastone! Good server, good PVP que times, Disorder guys are there.
No contact with Valnir or anyone else in the last month so I'm taking all the goods and loot and hoping to set up VT on seastone, wont namely it exactly the same though so if/when we get the guild transfer we wont have to do a rename...  More to follow in a post later...

Check the forums often!!!


Girth_VoidT, Aug 4, 11 2:49 PM.
Here a re a few of the amazing features of patch 1.4
- Alternate Whitefall Steepes with 2x rewards/favor on weekends
- Cross shard LFG tool
- New Crating Recipes and Items
- PVP Rifts

- Updated Quest Journal
- Quest Item bag
- New story line missions

check out the link for all the new patch notes


Girth_VoidT, Jul 3, 11 4:50 PM.
We want to give a shout out and a warm welcome to Betrayers of Pain for joining Void Tyrants!
and we look forward to a long and fun filled relationship with all our new members (and old ones too )

Happy Fourth Of July!!!!!

New Home on Neddra server

Girth_VoidT, Jun 28, 11 2:02 AM.
-New Home-
Please be sure to transfer your Characters to the Neddra server to continue enjoying all that Vt has to offer!
The move went smoothly and not a single item was lost or broken.....

Server Transfers

Girth_VoidT, Jun 27, 11 8:59 AM.
Emberlord is becoming a non stop noob destination as many of you will notice upon logging in. Apparently Trion has decided that our quaint and queit neck of the woods will be used solely for Trial Accounts.  So during the next few days please be patient as we box everything up, hire a moving van, and borrow all your newspapers to protect our chinaware.... :P 
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